My Philosophy

I have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic Physiotherapists and Medical staff in my career and have developed a clear philosophy for managing my patients.

Excellent quality, evidenced led care, easily accessible and affordable, with a focus on the patient as a whole. The minimum required clinic sessions for maximal improvement – most patients are seen 1-4 times and discharged with a management plan for staying well. No top up treatments or ongoing management.

If you are unsure what is causing your problem, an excellent clinical assessment allows me to establish firstly that your complaint is in fact a Musculoskeletal issue. Chartered Physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners and patients do not need to see their GP before they see a Physiotherapist, so this assessment is very important to establish a working diagnosis.

I am qualified to request investigations, only ever if required, and can liaise with your GP regarding medication they may deem appropriate to help your pain.

Treatment always forms part of your initial appointment and manual and manipulative therapy and soft tissue techniques (hands on) are often utilised to reduce your pain and help you move again more freely. You will always have a comprehensive exercise plan to help you move forward even when you are between treatment sessions. Self-managing your condition helps you to move forward independently and improved confidence to exercise, the key to good physical and mental health! The Ramsey clinic is gym based at Quay fitness which is a fantastic facility if that form of exercise is appropriate for you.

Patients with chronic and persistent pain conditions often need support with clear carefully stepped goals and a comprehensive plan for moving forward. Signposting to other Health professionals is sometimes required to maximise recovery and I am very familiar with this evidence-led multidisciplinary approach.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Physiotherapy can help you move forward for a better quality of life then get in touch!

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