What to expect at your first visit

What will happen at my physiotherapy appointment?

Your Physiotherapist will do a detailed initial assessment that will identify and diagnose your complaint. This will then be discussed with you so you understand your problem completely.

A treatment plan will be agreed with you to reduce your pain and to restore normal movement, strength and optimal function as quickly as possible.

Treatment may include manual therapy (‘hands on’ therapy), soft tissue techniques, exercise rehabilitation and a comprehensive exercise programme to maximise the results of your Physiotherapy in the clinic.

How long is an appointment?

  • All appointments are 45 mins long

Please note if you have not been to the clinic in over 3 months, or if this is a new injury, an initial appointment is required for the Physiotherapist to complete a new assessment.

What should I bring to my first physiotherapy visit?

  • Claim number (if covered by Aviva, AXA Health, BUPA UK and INTL, Simply health health insurers)
  • Consultant Surgeons referral letter (if you have had surgery and require rehabilitation for this)
  • Diagnostic test results (MRI, CT scan, X-ray if available)
  • Comfortable clothing that the area of the body being assessed can be seen fully