Moving forwards in 2022

Moving forwards in 2022 7th April 2022Leave a comment

Living with Covid -19 onwards into 2022 is challenging and everyone must do this at their own pace.

In clinic, we are seeing patients who have remained shielded mostly since 2020, to those who have travelled internationally since the end of restrictions. Everyone must do what is right for them.

The impacts on our Physical and Mental health have been enormous. Increased injury, falling and large numbers of patients travelling off-island for orthopaedic operations due to the size of NHS waiting times. Patients then return and need Physiotherapy post-operatively which has increased demand on clinic waiting times.

What can we do to help ourselves day to day? The answer is simple……

Be outside, in the fresh air – even for a sit in the park if you struggle to get about, a walk along the promenade in Ramsey or a run or cycle if you can. Do a little more each day and even if there is some pain don’t immediately stop, try and work with it. Use a walking aid to help your balance and maybe in time you can manage without again.

If you need a Physiotherapist to help you move forwards, get in touch and book an appointment. We can get you moving again and improve your quality of life.

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